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Data Engineering Lead

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The Role

At Mobile Vikings we believe that data is key to understand the needs of our Vikings, and to run an efficient business. We therefore value operational reporting (BI) as much as customer analytics/insights (CI), and believe that a top-notch environment is needed to support both.
As a Data Engineering lead, you have a crucial role in making sure all setups are “always on” and the technical architecture is clean and state of the art. You will be there to answer our colleagues’ questions and challenges, and evolve together with the new evolutions in the world of data.
Next to technical leadership, you are also a good people lead that cares for your team and can bring out the best in them.

Sounds like a blast? Great. So, your main responsibilities would be...

  • Take business ownership of the data environments (mainly Postgres with DBT, but also BigQuery and Spark on Databricks).
  • Define, monitor and follow up on operational processes.
  • Apply software engineering best practices like unit testing and CI/CD to our data stack.
  • Manage the legacy stack and refactor it into a future proof solution.
  • Fully understand the operational data models and transform them into data structures suitable for reporting and analysis.
  • Support our data analysts and provide them with the data they need in an easily accessible and understandable way.
  • Make sure the data models are well defined, terminology is clear and understood and reports can be certified by your business counterparts.
  • Lead our small team of data engineers. Implement your vision for the team and coach your team members.

Because you’re the one...

  • Who has a Master in Computer Sciences, or relevant experience
  • Who is above all a good software engineer who knows what concepts like CI/CD, agile and refactoring mean
  • Who has affinity with Linux and knows their way around the command-line
  • Who is familiar with a high level programming language. Experience with Python is a plus
  • Who can be pragmatic when needed, has an eye for simplicity and knows how to manage complexity
  • Who is familiar with the concepts of relational databases, Postgres, ETL, DBT,
  • Who is an expert in SQL
  • Who has experience with reporting tools in general, Tableau specifically is a plus
  • Who has an interest in the ongoing AI evolution, but who also can see the difference between a hype and actual use cases. 

In return you get..

A diversified job with responsibility and contribution.

  • The possibility to make a difference all while rocking an empowering role! At Mobile Vikings, we work hard, but the right to disconnect is equally important!
  • The chance to work in a cool office at least 2 days a week. Just imagine walking into a space that is thoughtfully designed with modern aesthetics and vibrant colors. Our offices are not only functional, they are an extension of our company culture.
  • The best colleagues from around the world and with the most diverse interests and passions. Although we have a very diverse group, our company language is English, but we also speak in puns and memes ;).
  • Let’s not forget the delicious coffee accompanied with the (more than) occasional snacks.

Is this all you ever hoped for?

Then don’t waste time and apply. Send us an email at and provide:

  • A letter of motivation.
  • Your CV 

Let’s do this!

Rest assured with these perks


The Great Culture

A dynamic company culture with a great energetic vibe.

A Competitive Salary

With an extensive package of extra legal benefits.

The People

Awesome human beings who share knowledge and aren’t afraid of challenging you.

The Brains

Develop your talent on the job.

The Phone Budget

You get a phone and a fixed internet line. Duh. Being a telco operator and all that.

The Flex Income Plan

Lots of cool, interesting benefits.
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