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Mobile Vikings

“Work, work, work, work, work.” - Rihanna

Job openings

Do you think you have the right skills, and would you like to become a part of the Mobile Vikings crew?

Then apply for one of our job openings, or send us a spontaneous application!

Rest assured with these perks


The Great Culture

A dynamic company culture with a great energetic vibe.

A Competitive Salary

With an extensive package of extra legal benefits.

The People

Awesome human beings who share knowledge and aren’t afraid of challenging you.

The Brains

Develop your talent on the job.

The Phone Budget

You get a phone and a fixed internet line. Duh. Being a telco operator and all that.

The Flex Income Plan

Lots of cool, interesting benefits.

work here?

Looking for a sterile, corporate, bland environment? Then you’ve definitely come to the wrong place! At Mobile Vikings we prefer some color in our lives.

Feel the vibe!arrow_forward

Meet the team!

When you work at Mobile Vikings, you get all your energy from your enthusiastic co-workers and an inspiring office environment! The free coffee helps too.

Meet the team!arrow_forward


Another company within the Proximus Group might just have the job opening you're looking for!

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